House members, activities and payments unified in an app!

Mobile appMobile app
Desktop appAdmin app
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This is a new chapter for your Greek organization
Tracking Payments
Detecting overdues
Various payment methods
Create and edit member profile
Check in members
Managing pledging process
Manage and track activities
Generate and send reports
Create event
Communicate and share events
Verify member status
Track time and money

Add new members to your chapter

Manage the pledge process and send bids to potential members.
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Be an active member of your chapter

Earn experience points from being a pledge and get approved in the pledge process.
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Personalize the app using colors and identity of your chapter

The colors and heraldry you set for your chapter will be visible to all of the members in the mobile app.
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Organize activities, check participants, and manage event records

You have complete control over organized events, participants and attendees and you can compare fundraising success to national statistics.
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Keep track of payments, dues and balances …

Manage all chapter’s financials, process member payments and collect donations through the app.
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... and also easily manage member activity at events

To check-in members at an activity just scan the FraternID or SororID.
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Tell your future employers about your Greek life

Once you graduate, extract your volunteering hours and add them to your resume.
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Be a proud member of your chapter