About us

Uni-Phi is the No. 1 fraternity & sorority management app for rush, pledge, member, and chapter sponsors. We take the fraternity and sorority experience into the 21st century.
Our complete fraternity & sorority management software makes managing any house or organization easy. In fact, we help coordinate events, manage meeting places, coordinate administrators for unique events, and record all volunteer hours, financial fundraising, and simply day to day experiences. Any meeting, any membership responsibility, any payment, any time!

How can Uni-Phi help you?

  • Gather essential information regarding rush, pledge, and member with full management at your fingertips.
  • Pledges and members will receive a unique identification through the “FraternID” / “SoroID” ID card system built into the Uni-Phi App!
  • Track fundraising and volunteer hours and compare statistics locally or nationally.
  • Sync personal and house calendars for easy event scheduling and RSVP’s.
  • Track who’s coming to each event as well as who is responsible for bringing what to each event.
  • Send messages to the whole house or just to select groups.
  • Assign administrative duties unique to each event as well as “pass the baton” to new administrators during events.
  • Receive real-time event updates with Uni-Phi updates and messaging.